A Curious ABCs – Volume 2

The lively characters and fun-loving spirits in “A Curious ABCs” continue their adventures in Volume 2! Meet Albert the Aardvark, Goldie the Goldfish, Percy the Penguin and Oscar the Ogre. Or just come on in to experience the chills and thrills of a Capybara Circus!

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Inside Look:

“A Curious ABC’s Volume 2” was inspired by Shel Silverstein, who was a master at funny illustrations and quirky poems to go with it.  I am no Shel Silverstein (I have more hair and less talent), but I am proud of some of the weird and amusing characters in volume two. One of my favorites is the letter “C” because Capybaras are so strange. A Capybara looks like a huge, fat, hairy footrest with tiny feet.   One look at a Capybara and you will immediately wonder: “WHAT IS THAT THING?” or, “What was God thinking when he made that?”

Answer: The Circus, of course!