Old Blu was once the brightest fish in the sea. But as time passed, his color began to fade away. Everyone tried to help Blu be his old self again: the cleaner fishes cleaned him, the nurse fishes nursed him, and the eels brought him nutritious food to eat. But nothing seemed to work until a fish named “Puffer” tried a new approach.

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Inside Look:

A few years ago, my husband asked me to help with the activities program for his care homes. At first it seemed simple enough. All I had to do was to come up with some fun projects and activities, get the materials together, deliver it to the houses and the staff would carry the fun out – no problem. Easy-peasy, right?  Well, not really.  I learned very quickly that “fun” wasn’t necessarily on the front-burner when it came to senior care.  The staff was so often busy doling out meds, taking vitals, making sure residents were clean and fed, that “fun” seemed inconsequential.  Of course, that makes perfect sense.  After all, a resident who is sick or hungry will likely not be able to enjoy chatting over watercolors or passing around the karaoke mic.  On the other hand, is it enough to keep a person safe, clean, fed and stuck in front of the television 24/7?  

BLU’s message is simple:  a person’s physical well-being is important, but laughter, joy and happiness are the things that make life worth living.