The Girl Who Blamed the World

Illustrated by Shirley Chiang

Rosa Lee is a girl who goes through life blaming everyone else for her miseries. She never makes the best of a less-than-perfect situation nor does she ever do anything to improve it. Rosa never realizes that SHE is responsible for her own happiness – until it is too late. “The Girl Who Blamed the World” is really an indictment of the time we waste feeling sorry for ourselves.

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Inside Look:

In America today, going to a psychologist to cure an unhappy life is about as common as taking aspirin for a headache. That is fine and dandy for a few sessions (barring those with serious mental conditions) but any more than that seems like a waste of time/life. I know a guy who spent four decades in therapy blaming his father, his brothers (and countless others) for his problems and where did it get him? After all that time lying on a couch complaining to his Shrink, he was still as miserable as ever.

I wrote the story of Rosa Lee to remind folks of what Aristotle once said: “Happiness depends upon ourselves.” This is America, after all! Why sit around and complain about NOT being in paradise, when you can go out and build it for yourself?